To Cheer, or NOT to Cheer…That is the question!

I’m blessed with beautiful, strong, independant, smart daughters. They get all a few of these traits from me. My eldest, Averie, is a Cheerleader in school. Her Mother is the team’s Coach. Averie has always been enrolled in some kind of outside-of-school activity. Since before she started kindergarten in fact. Whether it be Ballet or Cheerleading or Soccer or Tee-ball.

It has always been Averie’s choice. We (her Mother and I) give her her options. Usually just Ballet and Cheerleading, because we don’t have the time really to fit in more than just one of those two along with Girl Scouts. So for the last 3 yrs she has chosen Cheerleading over Ballet.

Although she says NEXT year she is doing Ballet….cuz her Mother refuses to coach another year ha ha ha!

I wish I could say that Alissa will be able to enjoy the same kind of choose-your-own-adventure lifestyle that her Big Sissy Averie does. But Hagatha her Mother (who professes to be a Mother amongst Mothers) doesn’t believe in Cheerleading, so I am afraid that my sweet baby won’t be afforded the opportunity to Cheer if she so desires. How can you NOT allow a child to partake in a healthy activity that will stimulate comeradery and form sisterly bonds with peers of her own age? It is a close-minded attitude to have and in my opinion not a very good example of being a “good parent”. I’m not promoting Cheerleading here, but rather the OPTION “To Cheer, or NOT to Cheer”.

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