And the Wind blowssssssssssss……

I’ve never been in a tornado before…til now. If anything ever happens in my life it happens BIG! First tornado…. EF-4! WTF! Couldn’t have been and Ef-0 or EF-1, hell I’d have even taken an EF-2! But no, no….NO! Had to be a FUCKING EF-4! And it couldn’t JUST be an EF-4, it had to be TWO EF-4’s!!! UGH!

TOTO I don’t believe we’re in Kansas anymore! Where’s the fucking Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman? I got plenty of Munchkins! LOL

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto!

 The destruction in Ringgold, Ga is just amazing! Houses…no more, trees…no more, restaurants…what restaurants?!?! We found a streetlight from 5 miles away on our street! Every roof of our apartment buildings had to be replaced, all the windows blown out. Windshields destroyed on vehicles. Some vehicles totaled out. Delivery vans knocked over, semi trailers on their sides. No electricity, no water, gas leaks. Federal Agents in plain clothes walking around with M16 Assault Rifles because apparantly the destruction wasn’t chaos enough that we needed looters too.

So Babygirl was with me riding out the tornado. Little shit Angel slept thru the entire thing! LOL I sat on the couch and Alissa slept in her bed. The lights flickered and I just KNEW that All Hell Was Breakin Loose a tornado was coming. I jumped up and the lights went out, as I ran at break neck speed for the bedroom to scoop up Ali my ears were killing me from the pressure on them. I grabbed lil Shorty-Red and a blanket and bolted for the bathroom, 5 Freight Trains rode down my street as we huddled with me leaning over her in my arms. I can remember thinking to myself, “Just don’t let Ali go, Just don’t let go of her!” I’ve never been more terrified in my life than I was that night. I get a phone call to come outside and see what happened. I couldnt move, I didnt want to leave the tub. Eventually I drug my ass out and looked out my door. It looked like Armeggedon struck. So after getting my baby out of the area of destruction ( I sent her home with her Mother instead of keeping her that night) I walked back home (unable to drive, roads blocked) to survey the damage. Water began pouring through the light fixture in my bedroom, which resembled this…

Yeah I dont think 1pot can hold this much water!

 in a matter of seconds, my brand new queen bed was waterlogged. Flooring soaked, ceiling bowed in, pictures fell of the wall, truck has minor scratches, windows are broken, no power or water, gas leak next door, power lines down EVERYWHERE! And thru all this madness in the crook of the downpipe of my gutter, a bird’s nest still sat, with momma bird and eggs intact!

Amazing what a tornado chooses to destroy and not to destroy

 Looking at this Bird’s nest, I thanked God right then and there for watching over me and my babybird as we lay huddled in our nest tub.

I posted pictures on my Facebook page of the destruction. If you are my FB friend just look at my photos, if you are not, send me a friend request. or search for me, Jack Burdette Cutler Jr. There are also many videos on youtube just search for Ringgold Georgia Tornado.