Been a while….

Ok so it has been a little while since I have posted something on here…

Been a lot happening… Firstly Baby Momma Drama…UGH! I won’t go into that other than to say that it is hell trying to get my Baby Girl on my assigned days, every pickup is a week long fight.

I’m moving into a new apartment! YAY! I’m pretty excited about this, nicer place, bigger it seems, and WAY less hurt on my wallet! Gotta say thanks to my buddy Ransom for turning me on to this place! Although it is further away from my oldest daughter Averie, her mom and I meet halfway, it is closer to my youngest daughter Alissa, who’s mom decides she wants me to do all the driving. LOL

So as you can see I have been a little busy. I will however endeaver to be more punctual with my blogs.

So on a different note Alissa is growing in leaps and bounds, she is now 5 months soon to be 6 months and is playing with her toys now, her hand/eye coordination is amazingly great. She talks constantly! LOL well cooing and oohing and ahhing but I understand what she is saying… the conversation goes a lot like this:

ALI: gooooahhhhhhh, oohh, eeeee, mmmmm heeeeeee

ME: Yes sweetheart that is your teddy bear!

ALI: buhhhh mmmmeee oooooooh daaaa

ME: Awww I love you too Shorty-Red

ALI: (gurgle)

ME: Ok babygirl lemme get your bottle and the sweet taters and afterwards I will tell you a story and sing you to sleep

And that is pretty much how it goes. 🙂 She is growing too fast, I remember how when she was born I could hold her in one hand almost lol. Now she is a hefty lil sweetie hehehe I like chubbly babies. Yes I said chubbly, it’s my word and I’ll use it how I want.

Averie is the best big sister. She always asks if I will have Ali and if she can hold, feed, change poopy diapers. LOL She loves her baby sister like no other, I can only hope they grow up to be the best of friends.

Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love

                                                       (This is not my girls LOL)

Anyway, keep checking back, more to come. In upcoming blogs you will see my move into my new apartment. 🙂

-Big Daddy Cutler