Sleeping like a baby…

Remember sleeping like this? ~~> Yeah, me neither. Just once I would like to wake up in the morning and know that I had the best sleep of my life! Look at her! Not a care in the world, sleeping in a hammock, soft fuzzy blanket next to her, binky in her mouth, KNOCKED OUT!  That’s sleeping people!


I wonder if they make Binky’s for adults hahaha I’M KIDDING! And keep your minds out of the gutter! LOL I need a bed that cradles my body and a soft fuzzy warm blanket, ok so I will skip on the Binky. I need to sleep like I haven’t a care in the world. Man what in the world can I do to get that kind of sleep back?!

<~~~That is some SERIOUS sleeping! Wonder what Babies dream about. What can they dream about really? Dirty diapers being changed, bottles shoved in their mouths, crying, laughing, loving. Ok so I want those kinds of dreams too. I usually dream about things that are real life nightmares….bills, work, personal drama 🙂 This sweet baby is dreaming about her everyday life and the people who love her. She doesnt have worrysome dreams, that’s what her parents are for, WE have those dreams so she doesnt have to.

So sleep on my little Angel, dream of all the fun we have and the love we share. I’ll be here when you wake up to feed you and change your diaper and to laugh with you and play games with you and teach you and provide for you and mostly to Love you.



  1. I have a pink blanket you can borrow if you think it will help you sleep…..As far as a binki….

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