Stupid is as Stupid does…

I’ve always been a strong believer in “if you are stupid, it’s your own fault”. I’m an intelligent person, having said that common sense is not a strong point. Haha! But they say Genius’s have no common sense. I have common sense, I just think differently than most people. So I have an uncommon common sense I guess you could say.

Anyway, back to the point…It’s your own fault…ANYONE can get an education, if you don’t, who’s fault is that? Don’t blame it on society! “Oh Mom is sick and G’pa/G’ma is in the hospital, Dad has been gone for 3 yrs now, and nobody is at home to take care of Mom.” BULLSHIT! You think Mom will fare better if you can’t provide for the home because you can’t get a job for having no education? The answer is simple…NO!

If you don’t receive your education, it’s your own fault, nobody else’s. There are LOTS of people who didn’t finish school who are NOT stupid, LEARN any way you can. It isn’t hard. Hell even this guy…

(Forrest Gump)

wasn’t stupid and he had learning disabilities! Oh and don’t gimme that crap about dyslexia! “I can’t learn because I am dyslexic” AGAIN let me call BULLSHIT on that! Do you know how many dyslexic people there are in the world with PHD’s?

I can’t stand a stupid person, I abhor them. They did it to themselves and they want the world to pity them. I pity the people who feel sorry for them. (which kinda borders on stupidity as well) Call me a jerk, call me an asshole, I don’t care, why? BECAUSE I’M NOT STUPID!

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