Sleeping like a baby…

Remember sleeping like this? ~~> Yeah, me neither. Just once I would like to wake up in the morning and know that I had the best sleep of my life! Look at her! Not a care in the world, sleeping in a hammock, soft fuzzy blanket next to her, binky in her mouth, KNOCKED OUT!  That’s sleeping people!


I wonder if they make Binky’s for adults hahaha I’M KIDDING! And keep your minds out of the gutter! LOL I need a bed that cradles my body and a soft fuzzy warm blanket, ok so I will skip on the Binky. I need to sleep like I haven’t a care in the world. Man what in the world can I do to get that kind of sleep back?!

<~~~That is some SERIOUS sleeping! Wonder what Babies dream about. What can they dream about really? Dirty diapers being changed, bottles shoved in their mouths, crying, laughing, loving. Ok so I want those kinds of dreams too. I usually dream about things that are real life nightmares….bills, work, personal drama 🙂 This sweet baby is dreaming about her everyday life and the people who love her. She doesnt have worrysome dreams, that’s what her parents are for, WE have those dreams so she doesnt have to.

So sleep on my little Angel, dream of all the fun we have and the love we share. I’ll be here when you wake up to feed you and change your diaper and to laugh with you and play games with you and teach you and provide for you and mostly to Love you.


Dumb and Dumber…

So my truck breaks down and I hafta leave it in the parking lot at work. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. I have one of the maintenance guys look at it and he can’t figure out what the problem is either. The issue was this…

Open the door and the cab light comes on, power right? WRONG lol As soon as I turn the key to the “ON” position the power cuts out, I’m saying as if the battery was dead, NO POWER. Wiggle or move the negative battery cable just right and the cab light comes back on! YIPPEE we got power! WRONG AGAIN! Turn the key to the “ON” position and CLICK! Out goes the power! UGH! I heard anything from starter, to starter solenoid, to starter relays, you name it I heard it! So I get a bright idea! TING! GOOGLE IT! And I did! Turns out I am not the only one that has had this problem. As it so happens the issue is the BATTERY CABLE! (Or so I would be led to believe)

YAY! Now I know my problem and the solution is clear! Go pick up a new battery cable and go put it on the truck……only I’m stuck up on the mountain with no way to the auto parts store, or to my truck! Quick! Think think think! MY BROTHER! So I send a quick text to my brother, who replies he has no gas to get to me, or to my truck, let alone a stop at the auto parts store. DAMN! Now what?!?! I need to get this truck fixed so I can get my fat ass to work! I already missed out on seeing my little girls for 1 day!

As I am racking my brain to figure this out a thought strikes me….GREEN! He lives basically at the foot of the mountain! And since I know he is the nicest guy in the freakin world, and would never tell anyone in need No! Hahaha I called him up. The conversation went a lil sumpin like this:

Me: Hey Brotha, are you busy today or can you help me out with a huge issue?

Josh: What’s up Brother?

Me: I gotta get to the Autozone to pick up a battery cable and get to my truck to fix it so I can get to work on friday. My brother was supposed to help me out but bailed on me last second.

Josh: I gotta take Rose to a doctor’s appt this afternoon.

Me: That’s cool, no problem man I will figure it out, She ok?

Josh: Yeah just wanna get her checked out, tell ya what I think I can get ya there before I hafta be at her Dr. I will get her packed up and come get you.

The conversation goes on a lil bit with thank yous and no problems and such, and ends with Josh sayin I will call you when I head up the mountain. Well I decide to go ahead and head out to meet Josh, he calls me  when I am about half a mile down the road and I give him directions to where I am at. Soon after he pulls up and I get in. I again tell him thanks and the first thing I get from him is a wisecrack about having to come get my sorry self to run me around. HAHAHA! He cracks me up with some of the crazy shit he says, and is so dead pan about it that if you dont know him you would think he was serious. (In my head I hear him saying ‘I am serious’ LOL) The radio is on and Rose is in the backseat gooing and humming and we take off to find the auto parts store. Now the Store Finder on stated the nearest store was 7601 Standifer Gap Rd. Our workplace is 7609 Standifer Gap Rd. Can’t miss it right?

45 minutes later and 20 miles outta the way (I hear banjos as I roll down the window) we finally decide to go to E. Brainerd Rd. which is not far from our work because we know there is an auto parts store there. Driving down the road I tell Josh, “You better get in this lane, cuz it is on this side.” 5 minutes of cussin out jackholes who won’t let him over, we make it to the right lane. 1/2 mile down the road he starts chuckling to himself and points to the autozone. ON THE LEFT SIDE of the road. (We had already passed O’reilly’s Auto Parts because I think they are too expensive) So back to the LEFT LANE we go, this time fairly easy. BUT Josh overshoots the driveway entrance and decides to go across two lanes to the Advance Auto Parts store exactly opposite the Autozone. So back again we go to the right side of the street. This whole time Rose is being so good in the backseat as we traipse around all of Chattanooga lookin for that damned Autozone. I get the part Josh drops me off at work with a “Hope that fixes your problem, I would hate for you to be stranded!” LMAO

Well the battery cable did the trick (SO FAR) and Josh and Rose had a good rest of the day. I picked up my baby the next morning and had a blast with her. And made it to work on Friday!

Josh when you read this, keep in mind while I portrayed us both as retards LOL I love ya like a brother, you were there when my own brother was not! I can’t and won’t forget that! Thanks from the heart of my bottom!!  🙂

Stupid is as Stupid does…

I’ve always been a strong believer in “if you are stupid, it’s your own fault”. I’m an intelligent person, having said that common sense is not a strong point. Haha! But they say Genius’s have no common sense. I have common sense, I just think differently than most people. So I have an uncommon common sense I guess you could say.

Anyway, back to the point…It’s your own fault…ANYONE can get an education, if you don’t, who’s fault is that? Don’t blame it on society! “Oh Mom is sick and G’pa/G’ma is in the hospital, Dad has been gone for 3 yrs now, and nobody is at home to take care of Mom.” BULLSHIT! You think Mom will fare better if you can’t provide for the home because you can’t get a job for having no education? The answer is simple…NO!

If you don’t receive your education, it’s your own fault, nobody else’s. There are LOTS of people who didn’t finish school who are NOT stupid, LEARN any way you can. It isn’t hard. Hell even this guy…

(Forrest Gump)

wasn’t stupid and he had learning disabilities! Oh and don’t gimme that crap about dyslexia! “I can’t learn because I am dyslexic” AGAIN let me call BULLSHIT on that! Do you know how many dyslexic people there are in the world with PHD’s?

I can’t stand a stupid person, I abhor them. They did it to themselves and they want the world to pity them. I pity the people who feel sorry for them. (which kinda borders on stupidity as well) Call me a jerk, call me an asshole, I don’t care, why? BECAUSE I’M NOT STUPID!