Well after seeing many friends delve into the whole “blogging” thing, I decided to give it a go.  To be honest, I’ve never really understood where people get their “material” or “ideas” to post in their blogs.  Never really understood why people blogged in the first place.  NOW I understand…..BOREDOM!

I’m kidding of course.

Where to begin? I guess I can divulge a lil about myself… My Mom and Dad were high School Sweethearts, One night…no that’s not right…She let him….No not that either…He put his…Nope…Hmmmm Well I was born in 1973!  I’m 37 yrs old now ( wow that hurt to say ) I’ve been married AND divorced twice. I have 2 beautiful daughters who I’m absolutely in love with! My oldest, Averie is certainly a character! Her heart is as big as she is spoiled! And my newest (September 20th) Alissa is a Mini-Me if ever there was one!  She is a PERFECT baby! Never fusses! In the coming Blogs you will see alot of my life thru my girls! Ali and Averie I love you more than life! You are my reason for being!

I’ve lived in many different States….Born in Michigan (Shout out to the Skee-town, Muskegon baby!) I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as well, there’s Hawaii, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee.  Each state has something beautiful to offer, but “there’s no place like home!” Ain’t that right Dorothy?

I’ve held many different jobs, from factory work, to sales, to post office, to law enforcement…WHY COULDN’T I HAVE BEEN BORN RICH?!?!?!

Well that pretty much tells who I am…keep lookin back for more to come!


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