He Led a Hard Life….

So I’ve often asked the question, “What happened to (Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards…etc)? Why are they so beat up looking?” The answer I received every single time is, “He led a hard life.” WTF? For real? HOW SO?!?!?!?!

These guys lived every young person’s dream! Women, fame, fortune, never wanting for anything! They see something they want….they go get it. Mansions, fancy cars (most of us can’t afford the ONE car we have let alone 10, 20 cars) gold, diamonds, fancy furnishings, dining at the best restaurants, staying in prestigious hotels, traveling across the globe….THAT’S A HARD LIFE?

My definition of a hard life is thus…. waking up every morning before the sun rises to go work all day and come home after the sun goes down at a job that barely if at all pays the bills. Not knowing if he/she can afford the food to put in their children’s mouths or clothing on their backs. Worrying how to tell their kids why Santa didn’t show up this year. Picking and choosing which bills to pay because there is not enough money to pay them all. Wondering if their ONE car will make it to work before it breaks down. Or if he is gonna go to jail because he didn’t make enough to pay child support this month. And if that does happen, how he will support his family when he gets out of jail because this has caused him to lose his job. Wearing the same holey shoes everyday for years because the kids need em worse than he/she does. THAT’S WHAT I CALL A HARD LIFE!

We live in a fucked up society where we worry so much about helping other countries with their needy and we never clean up our own back yard. I hope Obama sees this somehow lol JUST SAYIN….

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