As a father looks into his daughter’s eyes, all she can see is her daddy’s love for her.
She may be small and she may be a baby, but she is daddy’s lil’ girl for sure.
He says he’ll teach her how to drive, and teach her what she needs to know.
She can only coo but when he leaves for work she will want to say “Don’t go”.
When daddy is stressed all he needs is to look into those blue eyes and see her smile.
He knows he has her love and his heart skips about a long country mile.
Staying up to feed her and change her diapers ain’t his game.
Without her though, he is lost and knows he wouldn’t be the same.
She will look at him and see her own hero, he will look at her and see his star.
When he is away, no matter where he is his heart and his love will never be far.
She wakes up in the morning with a smile and without ever a tear.
Her daddy says “Don’t worry Sweet-thing, I’ll always be here”
When she cries, she will be swept up into arms so tender and strong.
When mommy’s at work, daddy will say “Hush baby, mommy won’t be long”
He’ll be there for every bump and scratch, and hurt with her just the same.
He’ll say, “My sweet Alissa, how I love your name”
In her daddy’s eyes she is the reason for living, an she is his world.
And when she grows up and has a life of her own, she will always be daddy’s lil’ girl.


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